KZN Export Week: 14 – 18 October

KZN Export Week is an annual programme of Trade & Investment KwaZulu-Natal (TIKZN) developed to recognise, promote and assist with growing KwaZulu-Natal’s export businesses and industries. Through a comprehensive programme of activities, it will provide professional development and information on growth sectors and market opportunities to KwaZulu-Natal’s and Africa’s new and existing exporters and internationally focused businesses. KZN Export Week will be filled with information and networking sessions of interest for emerging exporters, existing exporters and seasoned exporters.

Drone con: 15 – 16 October

South Africa’s drone industry is rapidly expanding across all industries, including mining, agriculture, security, telecommunications, emergency response, wildlife protection, search and rescue and more. Drone Con proudly hosts the largest annual drone conference in Africa, With over 40 speakers and an exciting offering of exhibitors.

Exporter the Year Awards: 17 October

The Durban Chamber of Commerce & Industry will host the KZN Exporter of the Year Awards where small, medium and large exporters from a variety of sectors will be recognised for their contribution to industry. The Awards will form part of the entire week long KZN Export Week programme.


Women in Transport Awards: 15 October

The third annual Women in Transport Awards will be held on 15 October 2019 at the Durban International Convention Centre in South Africa. These awards bring together Africa’s most renowned transport industry professionals, many of them longstanding attendees of the African Ports and Rail Evolution. This leading industry event provides the platform to recognise, reward and celebrate the success women transforming the transport sector.